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Empower people in disaster-prone areas to become more resilient.

Visiting a flood-hit area and a site with some measures for early warning system :

Visit of a flood affected area

We visited an area that has been hit by a flood in Bekasi, Jakarta, February 2014.

Site with some measures for flood early warning system

Katulampa, Bogor, is located upstream from Jakarta, on the river Ciliwung, the most important river flowing through the city. The site has measurement points to monitor the level of water with gauges, cameras, and water level indicators. There are 4 warning levels, represented by 4 colors: green, blue, yellow and red.


WSN prototype

We are working on a prototype of Wireless Sensor Network, using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, XBee, and sensors. Pharo is used to program the access to XBee via serial ports, some computation, data management and visualization. We are also working with Seaside. Work in progress …

WSN Visualization

Roassal and OpenStreetMap are used to visualize the wireless sensor network geographical positions. The image shows a result of a WSN simulation, where sensors communicate with each other. Work in progress ...

Jakarta flood monitoring

In cooperation with IRD, BPPT, DRR Foundation and Diponegoro University, 3 students from Diponegoro University are working on a prototype of flood monitoring sensor module for Jakarta.

Inundated Area Visualization

The image visualizes the inundated area computed using GRASS , an open source GIS. Roassal and OpenStreetMap are used to visualize the results of the computation.

Testing flood monitoring

The students from Diponegoro University test their sensor modules on a river near to their campus. This is the results of the cooperation of Cirela and partners (IRD, BPPT, DRR Foundation and Diponegoro University)


With Cirela's french partners LABSTICC Université de Bretagne Occidentale and IRD/UMPC, indonesian partners BPPT and DRR Foundation, and vietnamese partners Can Tho University, Cirela begin working in 2016 on a STIC ASIE (ICT ASIA) project on environmental modelling. The group of partners working in this project is named SAMES (STIC Asie Modeling for Environment and Simulation).


Workshop in Jakarta 2015

Cirela, BPPT and DRR Foundation, organized a workshop on the technology Internet of Thing and Wireless Sensor Networks for flood monitoring in Jakarta, with the participation of BPBD (Regional Agency of Disaster Management) Jakarta, Diponegoro University and World Bank Jakarta.


Alternatiba 2015

Joining the stand of SQYLAB, an eco fablab of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, France, Cirela participated to the Alternatiba SQY days, in La Verrière France.

IKFI day 2015

Cirela participated in IKFI (Association of Franco Indonesian Families) day in Indonesian Embassy Paris. Cirela animated its stand with scratch programming, appreciated by the kids


Presentation of flood monitoring in Jakarta in RESSACS'14

Poster of Cirela and Open Source solutions in PharoDays 2015

Talk on Cirela and Open Source solutions in FOSDEM 2015

Cirela presented a talk on the open source software components for flood monitoring in the workshop oganized by Cirela and its indonesian partners in Jakarta, September 2015

Presentation of modeling and flood monitoring (jakarta case) on the workshop on Modelling and Environment, in Brest, December 2015.

On the subject of disaster preparation, Cirela presented a talk on Disaster Preparedness: Technological Challenges on the RESSACS 2016, in Bondy, May 2016.

A paper of Cirela and its ICT Asia partners, entitled 'Wireless Sensor Network based Monitoring, Cellular Modeling and Simulations for Environment', has been accepted and presented in the ICT-Bio Asia Workshop 2016, in Kuala Lumpur, May 2016.

Other activities

Cirela participated to the D4D Datathon 2015 in the Resilience team with IRD, University of Chili, ENSCI students, and won a honor price from the jury.